We create a better User Interface for the better User Experience.


At Mango we recognize the importance of great user experience and the benefits it brings to our users and businesses.

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Usability Engineering

Mango understands that the success of any application depends on usability. We always focus on providing compelling User Experience with intuitive design.

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Responsive Web Design

We are specialists in creating user experiences and designing User Interfaces across web, mobile and desktop based applications.

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Our Design Process



Our Research includes a cyclic process which develops an understanding of the depth of the product and then we cycle back again asking narrow questions and collecting numerical data to be analyzed by utilizing statistical methods.

The wire frame depicts the page layout or arrangement of the website's content, including interface elements and navigational systems, and how they work together. It focuses on what a screen does, not just what it looks like.

Information Architecture & Wireframes


The visuality of the application and its navigation is the key factor for impressing the user at a very first glance. This is a responsibility Mango assumes takes seriously.

Ease of use is often the critical differentiator between a successful site and a marginal one. That's why our usability experts put ease of use first by keeping the audience of all age groups in mind.


Usability Engineering

We at Mango believe in "whatever we develop is always for users and if our web site is not useful to users, it will never be used" so we focus keenly on User requirements.

Mango's team is, therefore, comprised of usability engineers, information architects, graphic designers, user-interface technical specialists, writers and testers who enable our customers to leverage our expertise in total solution design. The software which is easy to operate and is efficient at the same time can make work more fun. Usability Engineering is a field which analyzes and creates user friendliness. This is why in all of our projects the logos and icons speak louder than the content.

Responsive Design

In today's competitive world people do not slow down to gather web information in front of their desktop. This demand for instant information turns to the mobile device. Responsive web design provides solutions to the mobile market demands by making websites and applications smart enough to re-size and adapt its content to the screen size of the device. Mango successfully helps clients migrate a mobile enabled website into a mobile optimized website that can be used on iPad, iPhone and Android devices delivering easy navigation and improved user experience.

When it comes to UI and user experience, Mango understands our customer's project vision, processes for effective communication and execution needed for the project. This extra advantage makes us a partner of choice for all responsive web design projects for web applications and websites.