Mango's end to end solution performs at the following high level functionality

Automotive Lead Management

Manage all your leads and sales in one place with simple tools and dashboard.

  • Simplifying the process and enabling you to follow up quickly.
  • Increase sales through more efficient and repeatable lead follow-up.
  • Routing leads to sales representatives.
  • Lead management tools help the sales team pursue leads with actionable tasks and reminders.
  • Setting reminders for tailoring your dealership.
  • Keeps track of all prospect history and communication
  • Create custom action plans for every stage of the sales process.


Born out of two prestigious academic grants, Automotive Management Analytics' (AMA) platform Social Awareness Management (SAM) is versatile, multifaceted dashboard designed specifically for all levels of automotive industry.

  • Secure sales leads for new, pre-owned automobiles, mechanical service, and for collision work from Twitter and other emerging social media.
  • Respond quickly and add prospective customer information in the CRM, built by AMA or by a third party.
  • Monitor reputation and respond to reviews in real time.
  • Manage digital marketing campaign through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Manage and monitor sales and advertisement campaigns in the traditional media through Internet chatter.
  • Develop Early Warning System allowing OEM's to avoid reputation damaging recalls or costly lawsuits by developing special algorithm for capturing discussions before they go viral.
  • Forecast demands for cars and provide management tools for individual dealers to examine their performance within the targeted demographics in their market areas.

Funeral CRM

Funeral CRM deals with end-to-end requirements and maintenance for funeral homes with the below features.

  • Funeral Home Portal with security and user roles.
  • Ability to create and publish Funeral home web page.
  • Ability to connect Funeral home to Social media sites like Facebook and YouTube.
  • Lead Management - get leads from insurance companies or other providers to manage leads.
  • Case Management module to store dead certificate image from the state records, death record information, etc.
  • CRM module to management customer record, relatives' information, credit card, etc.
  • Bi-directional integration with QuickBooks accounting system to post billing, credit card info, etc
  • Bi-directional Data extraction and write back with insurance companies, white label partners and states.