Enterprise Product Engineering The design and development of solutions that meets and exceeds client expectations

Enterprise Product Engineering which consistently performs a well-defined engineering process. It integrates all the software engineering activities to produce high-functioning and consistent software products.

Mango offers a full suite of services from product development to services in Web and Mobile domains including software maintenance activities.

Enterprise Product Engineering

We offer quality services in the area of SaaS, Web, Mobile domains including software maintenance and support

Our Enterprise Product Planning

Our Product Planning team meticulously gathers client requirements and identifies the right platform and infrastructure needed to build our products and services.

  • Client Communication, Gather Information and Organize - (Multiple Iterations)
  • Scope and Detailed Requirements document
  • Project Plan - Project Time and Cost Estimates as well as Resource Planning.

Our Technology Planning

Another important step in the development of Products and Services is to identify the needed technology in order to empower the customer with flexibility of design and reliability while still adhering to the industry security standards. We operate on the following technology platforms to build our solutions.

Our experts here prepare a detailed Technical Overview of the product. This includes the Software platform, high level logical architecture, data, business, presentation layers, integration points with other internal systems as noted below.

  • Prototype Development and Confirmation. (Project Flow and Functionality)
  • UI/UX Design, Confirmation and HTML Conversion.
  • Project Architecture, Database design, Technology Stack and Hardware.

Our Software Development Life Cycle

Our software development process follows the entire SDLC including Requirement analysis, Product Design, Implementation, Testing and Maintenance activities.

Application Development

Here at Mango Automation, we follow Agile Development for accelerated application development and delivery of products and services. We effectively leverage the agile development methodology to effectively address customers changing requirements in a multiple iteration model involving test driven development.

Post Development Maintenance & Support

To meet the challenge of ongoing software maintenance and support Mango offers a wide range of services designed to substantially lower the maintenance costs and ensure timely response and guaranteed service levels to customers. To meet our pre-set standard of excellence we have setup a pre-defined process.