We provide solutions to allow our Clients to connect, compete, and collaborate their business solutions within the mobile environment

We design and develop mobile applications with enterprise standards to mobilize your business. Whatever the business you are in, we will help you go on to a mobile platform so you can empower your workforce and transform your enterprise.


Mobile Strategy

Our strategists will work with you to identify your business goals, targeted audience and then we will generate the ideas and build the road maps for your mobile app development.

Mango enhances how consumers interact with your brand, by delivering uninterrupted end-to-end experiences which exceed consumer expectations and build loyalty. Mango will also work to helping you reduce working costs, and drive sales. Our goal is to help you satisfy each and every one of your consumers through better user experience across all mobile operating systems and devices.

Employee's efforts are enhanced with the growth in mobile applications. Now-a-days users are demanding mobile applications that tag them to enterprise assets to increase their productivity and build up collaboration with their colleagues. Smart enterprises provide their employees with company-authorized public and custom-built in house applications.

Our technical Expertise

Future vision

Mango understands that effective Mobile applications must be designed in such a way that they are time and location sensitive. Apps should be able to interact with networks for anything from gaming to shopping, as well as to access social networks, location based services, and multimedia content which will provide an increasingly important platform for mobile apps.

Focus on user needs

Mango develops applications based on their knowledge that consumers are expecting an app that is easy-to-navigate and provides a collection of key features and benefits through creative, entertaining user interface. They are looking for proactive and relevant information and services within the context of their location at a particular time.

Road Map

Before Mango builds your mobile app they will have well-defined plans in place. It all begins by measuring the overall goal of the application including revenue generation, profitability, customer engagement, and trade mark enhancement. These targets should be driven by business objectives, not by aiming to reach the benchmark category.


Mango's success is due to its' knowledge that mobile apps development starts with a deep understanding of the user needs. App development will undergo a series of development rounds like Concept Sketching, Research & Strategies, Wire-Framing, User Interface Design, Development, Testing, Store Submission, and Marketing. Here we work together with our client in each and every phase of development.

Analyse and Optimize

Targeting and tracking are important components of mobile app marketing. Mango applies a strong pre-launching approach for creating hoopla about the application and also to know what the consumers are expecting out of the application. Using the primary keywords we would fine-tune the name of your application to achieve a higher product rank and get more visibility.