• Sales Automation
  • Customizable Work flow setup
  • Scheduling and Reminders
  • Maintain Strong Relationship with Customers

Why CRM ?

Maintaining a close connection with any customer is the key success for any company that relies on repeat customers and referrals. Companies now face huge problems in maintaining the proper relationship with the customers as well as monitoring their internal sales team activities because of the changing nature of communication, advertising, and developing sales leads.

Below are the typical challenges companies like yours are facing…

  • Manage the sales people reporting process as it filters through the corporate hierarchy. Who is reporting to whom?
  • Which sales person is bringing leads and who is going to follow-up?
  • What is the status of a lead and how to maintain a lead follow-up history?
  • What is the probability of converting those leads to genuine and what is the forecast?
  • What is the reason the deal was lost?
  • Are the sales people following-up with the prospect in a proper timeframe based on the prospect's expectations?
  • After converting the lead, is the sales associate providing good follow-up service to customers? What kind of problems are customers facing?
  • Are the proper invoices and contract quotes to getting to the customer?
  • Are the proper reminders or communication services (Email / SMS) set up when there are scheduled meetings with a lead?
  • How does Marketing track the ROI?

The answer to the questions above and the ability to maintain different types of data at different places is found in a solid and customized CRM software program. The Mango team will develop the right CRM solution for you and your clients so that you can manage all the info in one place and easily track your sales processes and their results in your company.

Our CRM Technology Enables

Customer Information to be stored in shared databases

Businesses to analyze that customer data and identify their customer preferences and understand their buying behavior

Easy access to the data across different departments that may be separated by geography.

Easy access and storage of customers sales data like contact information, Follow-up history, quotes, invoices, documents etc. which can be accessed across multiple devices from desk tops to mobile devices

Speedy personalized communications and responses that helps the customer feel valued and special regardless of whether there is one or just one of hundreds of thousands of customers

Why Mango?

Mango Team's primary focus is on helping clients maximize the Return on Investment of their sales and marketing dollars. Every one of our business customers has a wide-range of differing requirements. Whether we are working together to increase the lifetime value of existing customers, increase acquisition of new customers, or stem attrition, our focus is on helping the clients achieve their objective. By building on Mango's success stories; we know that if it can be measured, it can be improved. Then we move forward to provide our clients with results that are optimized on an ongoing basis and which facilitate ongoing success.

Mango's organized structure of CRM services includes:
  • Implementation
  • Consulting
  • Integration Services
  • Data Migration Services
  • Application Development
  • Training

Our Team has Expertise on these elements of CRM's

Sales Force
Zoho CRM